Fee Hall labeled map with parking lots

Visitors to the Center for Ethics have several options for parking. Visitor and patient parking is available and marked in Lot 32 in front of West Fee Hall. Lot 32 is accessed from Wilson Road (pictured above).

Visitor parking is also available in Lot 112, accessible from Conrad Road (pictured above).

Lot 91 and Fee Hall aerial mapFinally, more visitor parking is available in Lot 91 on the MSU campus map, located at the corner of S. Hagadorn Road and Service Road (pictured to the right).

These visitor parking locations use pay-by-plate kiosks that accept cash, coins, and credit cards. The Center may also issue a guest code for the kiosks—please contact us in advance to request a code. For more information on pay-by-plate parking, please visit the MSU Police website.

Map of Lot 91 pay by plate locations

Please contact the Center at 517-355-7550 with questions about visitor parking, including handicap parking access.