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Recording available: Clinician Perspectives on Levels of Evidence and Oversight for Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Childhood OCD

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Watch the recording of the November 15th Bioethics Public Seminar from Michelle T. Pham, PhD. The seminar explores clinician perspectives on acceptable levels of evidence to offer deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment in pediatric populations, as well as perspectives on institutional policies or protocols that might be needed to effectively provide care for this patient population.

Recording available: "The next pandemic is coming: neglected lessons from COVID-19"

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Last month, Michigan policymakers were invited to attend a special event in the long-running Bioethics for Breakfast series. A recording is available of the presentations from College of Human Medicine faculty members Keith English, MD, and Heatherlun Uphold, PhD. A summary of the session is also available on our blog.

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A Guide to Pediatric Deep Brain Stimulation

Michelle Pham

A new web-based decision aid is now available to help families make choices about deep brain stimulation (DBS) for childhood dystonia. The team of researchers who developed this website aim to meet a previously unmet need: providing comprehensive and easily understandable information on pediatric DBS treatment. The project was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s BRAIN Initiative. Center Assistant Professor Michelle T. Pham, PhD, contributed to this project. Visit our blog to learn more about this decision aid.