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Job Talk: Clinical Ethics faculty position candidate

Questioning Capacity: Ethical Concerns about Decisional Capacity and Conservatorship

Nanibaa’ Garrison, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Anthropology in the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University Medical School.

March 3, 12-1 pm; C102 East Fee Hall

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Bioethics Brownbag & Webinar Series

A Non-Standard Practice of Medicine

Sarah B. Rodriguez, PhD, is a Lecturer in the Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program and the Global Health Studies Program at Northwestern University.

12 - 1 pm; C102 Patenge Room East Fee Hall
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Assistant Professor Dr. Karen Kelly-Blake presents poster at NAAAS Conference

On February 12, Dr. Karen Kelly-Blake presented a poster, “African-American Patients’ Perception of Health Information Technology Use in their Doctor’s Office: A Qualitative Analysis of Telephone Interviews,” at the 2015 Conference for the National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates in Baton Rouge, LA. Read more on the MSU Bioethics blog.
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Precision Medicine/ Ambiguous Ethics?
Leonard Fleck, PhD

The author will respond to comments posted through March 5, 2015.

Leonard Fleck is a Professor in the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences and the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University.