Clinical Ethics Consultation Services

Helping health professionals optimize the delivery of ethically sound care.

Many ethics committees benefit from an outside perspective on their services. Our faculty can help your institution improve its ethics services by training your team to more effectively respond to the ethical needs of your institution. Using HIPAA compliant documentation and videoconferencing platforms, our faculty consultants can interact with your team in real time and offer expert advice to your team. Complimentary services are available for new clients.

Available Services

MSU circle with arrow iconInformal Curb-Side Consultation

GettyImages 458003781A faculty consultant will provide informal advice to a local caregiver or consultant concerning an active case that raises a specific question the client would like to address. These consultations can improve your team’s ability to identify the ethical dimensions of the problem presented, the potential options for recommendations, the ethical rationale for a recommendation, or some other specific aspect of the case.

MSU circle with arrow iconIn-Depth Active Case

Faculty consultants will work with a local team struggling with management of a complex and challenging active case. Sometimes an outside perspective can provide fresh insights on a difficult problem. An in-depth engagement with the faculty consultant team can help to deepen and expand the skills your team brings to a case and improve its approach to similar cases in the future. Faculty consultants will use their expertise to help you organize information, summarize the relevant bioethical literature, develop recommendations, address changing clinical circumstances, and implement a plan for follow up.

MSU circle with arrow iconConsult Case Review

Faculty consultants will review case consultations already completed by the local committee for education and quality improvement. By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and trends in your consult reports, our team can provide quality assurance to your ethics committee. Our review can also be used for ongoing consultation training and for introducing new members to clinical ethics issues in a safe environment. By consistently reviewing your case consultations, your team will be better equipped to identify opportunities for staff education, training, and policy formation.

MSU circle with arrow iconPolicy and Process Review

Faculty consultants will review and advise on current ethics-related institutional policies that provide guidance on managing complex ethics issues. If your committee is seeing the same problem frequently arise or if your current policy is ineffective, it may be time for a policy or process review. By creating strong policies and procedures your committee can help your institution maintain quality, patient-centered care and assist clinicians to make ethical choices in a timely and efficient manner. Well-written, easy to follow policies and procedures can also serve as staff education tools for providers who struggle with ethical problems that arise in their care. Let our team help you craft policies and procedures that reduce the likelihood of moral distress in your institution.

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Faculty Consultants

Devan Stahl
Devan Stahl, PhD
Assistant Professor, Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences, Department of Pediatrics and Human Development
Tom Tomlinson
Tom Tomlinson, PhD
Professor, Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences, Department of Philosophy


For more detailed information about each type of consultation service, please write to clinical.ethics @ or call us at (517) 355-7550.