Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis

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Senior Specialist Emerita

Center for Bioethics and Social Justice

  • bogdanlo@msu.edu
  • MA 1995 Michigan State University
  • BA 1974 Michigan State University


I approach bioethics from a social science perspective. My interests draw from an historical examination of the political economy of U.S. medicalized childbirth coupled with the emerging paradigm of evidence-based medicine. From my analysis of women’s agency in childbirth "choice" I consider evidence-based patient choice, which now is widely recognized in its current iteration as shared decision making. I examine the ways that macro-level political, social, and economic forces frame the slate of individual clinical care options.

My current research has two dominant pathways. I explore notions of doctor-patient race/ethnic concordance and question how related sociocultural notions define the available professional futures for those physicians underrepresented in medicine. Secondly, I examine multifaceted influences of stigma on women’s breastfeeding behaviors.

Selected Publications

Zhuang J, Bresnahan M, Zhu Y, Yan X, Bogdan-Lovis E, Goldbort J, Haider S. The impact of coworker support and stigma on breastfeeding after returning to work. Journal of Applied Communication Research. 2018;46(4):491-508. Available online July 19, 2018. DOI: 10.1080/00909882.2018.1498981.

Kelly-Blake, K., N. Garrison, F. Fletcher, B. Ajegba, N. Smith, M. Brafford and E.A. Bogdan-Lovis. 2018. Rationales for Expanding Minority Physician Representation in the Workforce: A Scoping Review. Medical Education. 22 June 2018. https://doi.org/10.1111/medu.13618.

Zhuang, J., M. J. Bresnahan, X. Yan, Y. Zhu, J. Goldbort and E.A. Bogdan-Lovis. 2018. Keep Doing the Good Work: Impact of Coworker and Community Support on Continuation of Breastfeeding. Health Communication, 17 May 2018. DOI: 10.1080/10410236.2018.1476802.

Fletcher, F. E., L. Annang, J. Kerr, M. Buchberg, E. A. Bogdan-Lovis, and S. Philpott-Jones. 2016. “She Told Them, Oh That Bitch Got Aids”: Experiences of Multi-Level HIV/Aids-Related Stigma Among African American Women Living with HIV/AIDS in The South. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 30(7):349–356. (Refereed, ISSN: 1557-7449).

Bogdan-Lovis, E. A. and R. G. de Vries. 2013. Ethics and the Architecture of Choice for Home and Hospital Birth. The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2013, 24(3):192-97. Special Issue “Place of Birth”, E. Bogdan-Lovis, C. de Vries, and R. G. de Vries, guest editors. (Refereed, ISSN: 1046-7890).

Bogdan-Lovis, E. A., L. Fleck, and H. Barry. 2012. It’s NOT FAIR! Or is it? The Promise and the Tyranny of Evidence-based Performance Assessment. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 33(4):293-311, Special Issue “Quality of Care: Conceptual, Epistemic, and Ethical Inquiries” guest edited by J. Nelson. (Refereed, Print ISSN: 1386-7415; Online ISSN: 1573-1200).

Lambert, H., E. J. Gordon and E. A. Bogdan-Lovis. 2006. Introduction: Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? Social Science Perspectives on Evidence-based Health Care, Social Science and Medicine 62(11):2613-2620. Special Issue, “Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? Social Science Perspectives on Evidence-based Health Care.” H. Lambert, E. J. Gordon, and E. A Bogdan-Lovis, guest editors. (Refereed, ISSN:0277-9536).

Selected Achievements and Awards

  • Assistant Director, Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, 1995-2020
  • Developer, University of Malawi - MSU College of Human Medicine Bioethics E-Dialogue
  • Distinguished Academic Staff Award, College of Human Medicine