Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis

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Assistant Director

Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

C-222 East Fee Hall
(517) 432-5185
bogdanlo @ msu.edu

MA 1995 Michigan State University
BA 1974 Michigan State University

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Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis' interests focus on the political economy of U.S. medicalized childbirth and the emerging paradigm of evidence-based medicine. From an analysis of women’s agency in childbirth "choice", she considers evidence-based patient choice. Key are those macro-level political, social, and economic forces that define and frame the slate of individual clinical care options, and which covertly and overtly shape the general appeal and availability of patient choice.

Her current work also focuses on the recent rapid integration of evidence-based medicine into medical education curricula and clinical practice - observing in particular, how such information interfaces with the traditional construction and flow of medical authority.

Current Research Projects

Selected Publications

De Vries RG, Low LK, and Bodgan-Lovis EA. Choosing Surgical Birth: Desire and the Nature of Bioethical Advice. In: Gedge EB, Waluchow WB, eds. Readings in Health Care Ethics, 2nd edition. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press; 2012.

Bogdan-Lovis E, Holmes-Rovner M. Prudent evidence-fettered shared decision making. J Clin Practice. 2010; 16(2): 376–381.

DeVries RG, Low LK, Bogdan-Lovis EA. Choosing Surgical Birth: The Professional Uses of Autonomy. In: Lindemann H, Walker M, Verkerk M, eds. Naturalized Bioethics: Toward Responsible Knowing and Practice. Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press; 2008: 42-64.

Kozishek D, Bogdan-Lovis EA. Beliefs, Boundaries, and Self-Knowledge in Professional Practice. J Clin Ethics. 2008; 19(1): 26-30.

Lambert H, Gordon EJ, Bogdan-Lovis EA. Introduction: Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? Social Science Perspectives on Evidence-based Health Care. Soc Sci Med. 2006; 62(11): 2613-2620. Special Issue: Lambert H, Gordon EJ, Bogdan-Lovis EA, guest editors.

Bogdan-Lovis EA, Sousa A. The Contextual Influence of Professional Culture: Certified Nurse-Midwives’ Knowledge of and Reliance on Evidence-Based Practice. Soc Sci Med. 2006; 62(11): 2681-2693. Special Issue: Lambert H, Gordon EJ, Bogdan-Lovis EA, guest editors.

Selected Achievements and Awards

Member, Advisory Board, Cochrane Developing Countries Network

Developer, University of Malawi - MSU College of Human Medicine Bioethics E-Dialogue

Distinguished Academic Staff Award, College of Human Medicine