Medical Humanities Report

The Center for Ethics published the Medical Humanities Report, a newsletter of bioethics articles by Center faculty, beginning in Winter of 1979 through Spring of 2011. Below is an archive of volumes 18-32.

Reprint permission granted with MSU and CEHLS citation.

 Volume 32, No. 2, Spring 2011

The Face of Hope in the Face of Advanced Disease
John A. Mulder, MD
The Quiet Moments: Palliative Medicine and the Bedside
Malinda H. Bell, MD
Peer Perspectives on The Face of Hope
The Hard Work of Culture Change
Larry Skendzel, MD
Aligning Practice and Passion
James E. Mayle
2010 Rita Gallin Award Recipient: Emily Antoon
An excerpt from: Ya Sartan Ya Mout: An Alternative Approach to the Mammography Screening Controversy in Israel
2011 Foglio Conference Report
David Kozishek

 Volume 32, No. 1, Fall 2010

Fusion Bioethics
Judith Andre
Peer Perspectives on Fusion Bioethics
Fresh Perspectives
Tom Tomlinson
Putting the Global in Fusion Bioethics
James E. Trosko
Pondering Fusion Bioethics
Ike Val Iyioke
Global Bioethics: Perspectives from the 10th World Congress of Bieothics, Singapore
Monir Moniruzzaman and Ann Mongoven
Bioethics East-West: Cross-Cultural Conversations at the Edges of Life
Ann Mongoven, Siddharth Chandra, and William Londo

 Volume 31, No. 3, Spring 2010

Small Comfort
David Ubogy
Beyond "Battlefield" Medicine: The Challenges of Short-Term Medical Aid
Kyle Denison Martin
Physician Participation in Capital Punishment: A Critical Perspective
Sarah Jorgenson
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
Kelly Krcmarik and Kellie Owens
Prescribing Autonomy?
Naoko Wake
Science and Social Norms
Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht

 Volume 31, No. 2, Winter 2010

Autonomous Contraception: Science, Sociology, and the Potential of a Male Pill
Lisa Campo-Engelstein
Variations on a Theme: The Clinton and Obama Health Care Reforms Compared
Rodger Jackson
A Historic Challenge
Carol Parker Lee
The Fifth Horseman: Fear
Amanda Menzies

 Volume 31, No. 1, Fall 2009

Health Reform: The Enemies Within
Leonard Fleck
Town Classrooms before Town Halls
Ann Mongoven
Comparative Effectiveness Research: What is it? What is its Role in Health Care Reform?
Margaret Holmes-Rovner
The Ethical Potential of PCMH
Dominic Sisti
The Family Centered Medical Home
Jane Turner

 Volume 30, No. 2, Spring 2009

Overworked and Underpaid: Primary Care, Professional Integrity, and the Promise of the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Misha Strauss
The Future of ASBH: An Interview with Dr. Hilde Lindemann
Emily L. Altimare
Michigan Addresses Newborn Screening Challenges
Frances Pouch Downes and Corinne Miller
Newborn Blood Screening
Harry McGee

 Volume 30, No. 1, Winter 2009

Newborn Screening: Ethical and Policy Challenges
Leonard M. Fleck
The Ethics of Nudge in Health Care Decision Making
Margaret Holmes-Rovner
Many Challenges Remain: EMRs
Tom Tomlinson
EMRs and the US Health Care Industry
Gerald S. Schatz

 Volume 29, No. 4, Fall 2008

Issues and Politics in Patient Privacy
John Hazewinkel
Paying for the Possibility of Disease
Alison Reiheld
Globalization, Employment Insecurity and Quality of Life
Mike Polzin
Race and Genomics: Beyond Skin Color
Ruben Martinez
Broader than Skin Deep
Tony Givhan

 Volume 29, No. 3, Spring 2008

More than Skin Deep? Concepts of Racial and Ethnic Difference in the New Genetics
Linda Hunt
The State of Gardasil: The Political Implications of the HPV Vaccine
Jessica Nickrand
Spectacle and Respect
James L. Nelson
Traveling Bodies and Renaissance Anatomical Theater
David Kozishek

 Volume 29, No. 2, Winter 2008

Our Body: The Universe Within; Observations of an Anthropologist on Plastinated Bodies Exhibits
Lynne Goldstein
The Ambivalence of the Viewer: Interrogating Motivations
Ann Mongoven
Procuring Bodies: A Cautionary Note
John Waller
Fun, Sex Toys, and the Elderly
Aron Sousa
Quality of Life and Sex in the Elderly
Mark Ensberg

 Volume 29, No. 1, Fall 2007

Gendered Neutral? Medical Representations of Senescent Sexuality
Sarah Goodfellow
Psychiatry, Homosexuality, and U.S. Postwar International Leadership
Naoko Wake
Self-Awareness through Study Abroad in Costa Rica
Scot D. Yoder
Health Disparities: The Study Abroad London Experience
Leonard M. Fleck

 Volume 28, No. 4, Spring 2007

Social Inequalities Worsened by Stigma: The Experience of Women with Epilepsy in Zambia
Gretchen Birbeck and Kimberley Rockwell
Study Abroad in Ghana: A Path to Cultural Competence
Connie Currier, Renee Canady, and Denise Saint Arnault
Challenges to Identifying Best Decisions
Celia E. Willis
Health Disparities: Patient Choice, Rationality, and Cost-Effectiveness
Tom Tomlinson
Health Care Ethics and Ethics and Development
Fred Gifford
Report on the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference
Harry Perlstadt

 Volume 28, No. 3, Winter 2007

Does Informing Patients of Options Support Patient Choice?
Margaret Holmes-Rovner
A British Perspective on Patient Choice
Len Fleck
Choice: A Privilege for Those with Health Insurance
Heidi Connealy
The Need for Generosity and University Support
Judith Andre
(Re)Examining Medicine, the State, and the Market in Morelos, Mexico
P. Sean Brotherton

 Volume 28, No. 2, Fall 2006

Community Health Groups and the Changing Terms of Health Care in Mexico
Suzanne D. Schneider
Research Report from Haiti; Beyond Human Rights Ideals: Physicians Confront Rationing Decisions
David Ubogy
Choice: A Privilege for Those with Health Insurance
Heidi Connealy
Informed Consent as an International Norm
Gerald S. Schatz

 Volume 28, No. 1, Summer 2006

A Quarter Century's Worth of Furniture
Howard Brody
Judy Andre
Rethinking Capacity Development for Ethical Review for Human Subjects Research in Developing Countries
Gerald S. Schatz
Challenges in Implementing Community Compensation
Gretchen L. Birbeck

 Volume 27, No. 2, Winter 2006

Undue Inducement in Internationally Sponsored Research
Paul Ndebele
Exploitation in International Research
Tom Tomlinson
How Much Are We Reporting About Ethical Misconduct
Edward Chigwedere
Working in Africa: Whom to Help, and How?
Lexine Hansen
Working in North America: Worries about Worrying
Bill Hannah

 Volume 27, No. 1, Fall 2005

Just Caring: Health Care Rationing and the Medically Least Well Off
Len Fleck
Creating a Black Agenda in Bioethics
Faith E. Fletcher
The Author: Ethical Lapses all Around
Gerald Schatz
An Attorney: A Tug of War Between State and Federal Governments
Paul Arshagouni
A Physician and Ethicist: Oregon, the Supreme Court, and the Next Tug in the War
Howard Brody
Innovative Pedagogy
Gerald S. Schatz, Judy Andre, and James Lindemann Nelson

 Volume 26, No. 2, Summer 2005

Reflections on Schiavo: Are medicine, ethics, and law enough anymore?
Gerald S. Schatz
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Judith Andre
A Philosopher: Defining Disability Too Broadly Misses the Point. We Need to Talk
Len Fleck
A Disabilites Advocate-Theorist: Invite the Gorillas in, and Then Let's Talk
Adrienne Asch
A Geriatrician: Let the Elderly Choose for Themselves
Larry Lawhorne

 Volume 26, No. 1, Fall 2004

Disability, Aging, and Rationing: Continuing the Discussion
Howard Brody
A Science Professor: MSU Published Global Ethics,Then Forgot It
Ted Lopushinsky
A Dietician: Where Would the Olive Oil Come From?
Mary Noel
A Physician: Public Health Ethics is Another Leg for the Milking Stool
Ross Upshur

 Volume 25, No. 3, Spring 2004

Agriculture and Food Issues in the Bioethics Spectrum
Paul B. Thompson
EBM and Medical Power: Outline Sketch of a History Waiting to be Written
Howard Brody
InkLinks: Bioethics and Agriculture
The Philosophy Department: We're Reaching Out
Stephen Esquith
A Sociologist: Look at Institutions, Not Just Individuals
Lawrence Busch

 Volume 25, No. 2, Winter 2004

The Promise (the Tyranny?): Some Observations on the Evolution of Evidence-Based Medicine
Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis
SB 764
Tom Tomlinson
Conflict of Interest-A Crucial Issue for Academic Medicine
Howard Brody
The Researcher's Bill of Rights
Harry Perlstadt

 Volume 25, No. 1, Fall 2003

Ethics and Equity: Current Challenges in International Health
Paul Farmer
Clinicians' Fears, High-Risk Patients, & the Duty to Treat
The Philosophy Department: We're Reaching Out
Leonard M. Fleck
Counterpoint - Caring for High-Risk Patients: A Duty or a Virtue?
Tom Tomlinson
InkLinks: Andrew Hunt
An Eastern Patrician in the Rough and Tumble Midwest
Art Kohrman
The Initial Vision
William Weil
In the Midst of the Crossfire, Protecting his Faculty
James G. Lyon

 Volume 24, No. 3, Spring 2003

Intersex Treatment as Standard Medical Practice, or, How Wrong I Was
Alice Domurat Dreger
InkLinks: Changing One's Mind
A Pediatrician: Court-Ordered Transfusion Caused this Child to be Shunned
Laura Carravallah
A Bioethicist: Sex Selection had Shocking Consequences
Doris Zallen
A Philosopher: I Came to Understand Fairness Differently
Scot Yoder
A Philosopher: I Needed a New Way to Conduct Moral Inquiry
Don Koch

 Volume 24, No. 2, Winter 2003

Professionalism, Ethics, or Both? Does It Matter?
Howard Brody
InkLinks: Inner Selves, Outer Selves, & Professionalism
The Inner Self: Physician Health and Professionalism
David Dunstone
Keeping Up Appearances: Grooming and Professionalism
Tom Tomlinson

 Volume 24, No. 1, Fall 2002

Science, Ideology, and Policy in America: Does Bioethics Have a Role?
Howard Brody
InkLinks: Participating in Public Policy: Rarely Easy, Always Important
A Physician Working for Those in Pain: "I'll Never Give Up."
Karen Ogle
A Philosopher Bioethicist: "I Never Dreamed . . . ?"
Martin Benjamin

 Volume 23, No. 3, Spring 2002

From the Parent's Point of View: The Moral Constraints of Parenthood
Misha Strauss
InkLinks: From the Child's Point of View: The Moral Constraints of Having Parents
A Camp Counselor: Even dying children feel obligations to their parents
Emily Hacker
A Gerontologst: Adult children do not abandon their parents
Maureen Mickus
An Ethnographer: People hold ideals which they may find impossible to honor
Jacob Climo
A Philosopher: Our obligations arise from relationship, not indebtedness
Sonya Charles

 Volume 23, No. 2, Winter 2002

Studying Health Care in Costa Rica
Fred Gifford
InkLinks: Lessons from Abroad
A Physician Ethicist in London: "We became Londoners each morning."
Howard Brody
An Anthropologist in Mexico: "No ethical map is conceivable."
Linda Hunt
A Student in Nepal: "I saw problems and beauty from the front line."
David Miller
A Nurse Researcher in Zimbabwe: "Is it too Late?"
Barbara Sparks
A Physician in Zambia: "Nothing provides me as much perspcetive."
Gretchen Birbeck

 Volume 23, No. 1, Fall 2001

Listening After September 11
Judith Andre
Helplessness, Perplexity, and Hope
Linda J. Keilman
Gathering Courage
Norma I. Baptista
Looking Outward
Sonya Charles
Looking from Outside, In
Terrie Taylor

 Volume 22, No. 3, Spring 2001

Ethics, Genetics, and Community Dialogue: Lessons Learned
Leonard M. Fleck
InkLinks: Reflections on Genetic Science and Minority Voices
The Role of Stories
Allison B. Wolf
The Role of Poverty
Julie Reyes
The Concept of Race
Insoo Hyun
The Face of Mistrust
Bill E. Lawson

 Volume 22, No. 2, Winter 2001

Routine Prenatal Genetic Screening in a Public Clinic: Informed Choice or Moral Imperative?
Linda M. Hunt
A New Mother: As if Screening Could Make the Womb a Safer Place
Alice Dreger
A Childbirth Educator: Doesn't Anguish Count as an Outcome?
Libby Bogdan-Lovis
A Doctor: The Obligation to Have a Conversation, and to Listen
Barbara Supanich

 Volume 22, No. 1, Fall 2000

Feminist Therapies for Low-Birthweight Babies
Hilde Lindemann Nelson
Spirituality as Exclusion
Barry DeCoster
Spirituality as Coercion
Arnold Werner
Pain as an Enemy
Sally Walshaw

 Volume 21, No. 2, Spring 2000

Barriers, Boundaries, & Blessings: Ethical Issues in Physicians' Spiritual Involvement with Patients
Clayton L. Thomason
In Zimbabwe . . .
Barbara Sparks
In England . . .
Margaret Jones
In Nursing . . .
Georgia Padonu
In Veterinary Medicine . . .
Sarah K. Abood
As Respect Within the Hospital . . .
Brooke Purves and Allison B. Wolf

 Volume 21, No. 1, Fall 1999

Moral and Economic Incentives of Investigating & Reporting Allegations of Research Misconduct
Andrew J. Hogan and Ronald J. Patterson
The Operative Incentives of Research Misconduct: Response from a Part-time Administrator
Jerry Dodgson
Responsibility in Science
Alice D. Dreger
Integrity in Publishing Science
Mike Fetters

 Volume 20, No. 3, Spring 1999

"Voices": An Experiment at the University/Community Interface
Howard Brody
InkLinks: Reflections on Listening
Listening to Patients
Mark Notman
Listening to Animals
Sally O. Walshaw
Listening to the Nurses
Denise Jacob
Listening to One Another: Two Kinds of "Doctor," Two Casts of Mind
David Rovner
Listening by Collecting Data
Linda Beth Tiedje

 Volume 20, No. 2, Winter 1999

Ethics, Politics and Pain
Judith Andre and Karen Ogle
Pain in a Medieval Key
M. Teresa Tavormina
Pain in Infants and Children
Elizabeth Seagull and William Weil
Infrequent Use of Epidural Anesthesia During Labor by Japanese Women
Micheal D. Fetters
A Surgeon's Brief Thoughts About Pain
Keith Apelgren

 Volume 20, No. 1, Fall 1998

Michigan Buys the Lies about Proposal B
Tom Tomlinson
Homicide on TV: An Ethical Shift?
Howard Brody

 Volume 19, No. 3, Spring 1998

Personal Responsibility for Health: Discovery or Decision?
Scot Yoder

 Volume 19, No. 2, Winter 1998

Learning from Nursing
Judith Andre
Bioethics and Cultural Diversity: Present and Future Initiatives
Howard Brody

 Volume 19, No. 1, Fall 1997

Ethical Problems in Intersex Treatment
Alice Dreger

 Volume 18, No. 3, Spring 1997

Genetics and Ethics: A Community Dialogue
Leonard Fleck
Just Caring-Purchasing: Can the Market Produce Moral Outcomes?
Andrew J. Hogan

 Volume 18, No. 2, Winter, 1997

A Talk with Dr. E. James Potchen
Scot Yoder
The Thick and Thin of Interdisciplinary Work
Judith Andre
Bioethics in Japan: At First Glance
Howard Brody

 Volume 18, No. 1, Fall 1996

Disabilities: Ethics or Advocacy?
Scot Yoder
Demand to Be Heard
Stephen N. Drake
Ethics, Education and Politics
Howard Brody
Cowed by Moral Fervor
Tom Tomlinson

 Volume 18b, No. 3, Spring 1996

Perplexed About Narrative Ethics
Tom Tomlinson
Why a Mission Statement?
Howard Brody
The Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences Mission Statement Draft

 Volume 18b, No. 2, Winter 1996

Just Caring: The Moral and Political Challenge of Health Reform and Health Care Rationing
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Poverty, Sickness, and the Medical Humanities
Judith Andre, Ph.D.

 Volume 18b, No. 1, Fall 1995

Twenty Years of Medical Ethics:an Interview with Dr. Martin Benjamin
Scot D. Yoder
Bioethics in Argentina: A Conference Report
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

 Volume 17, No. 3, Spring 1995

Scientific Integrity: An Overview
Rich Sharp, M.A.
Case Study
Commentary One
Jim Miller, Ph.D and Dan herms, Ph.D.
Commentary Two
Fred Gifford, Ph.D.

 Volume 17, No. 2, Winter 1995

Autonomy and Truth-Telling: The Therapeutic Lie
Commentary One
Howard Brody,M.D., Ph.D.
Commentary Two
Judith Andre, Ph.D.
Commentary Three
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
A Surgeon’s Perspective
Keith N. Apelgren, M.D.

 Volume 17, No. 1,Fall 1994

Bioethics, Literature and the Creation of the Priestly Physician
Two Responses to Judith Ross’s article, “Bioethics, Literature and Creation of the Priestly Physician
Commentary One
Harriet A. Squier, M.D., M.A.
Commentary Number Two
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.

 Volume 16, No. 3,Summer 1994

Just Caring: Health Reform and Employer Mandates
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Medical Ethics in Uruguay
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Paradoxes of Preventive Medicine
Judith Andre, Ph.D.

 Volume 16, No. 2, Winter 1994

Contraception and Coercion
Judith Andre, Ph.D.
Trust and Medicine
Rodger L. Jackson, M.A.

 Volume 16, No. 1, Fall, 1993

individual Responsibility for Health and the President’s Health Security Plan
Dorothy E. Vawter, Ph.D.
Health Care in A Welfare State: Medical Ethics and Health Policy in Norway
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.
Medical Ethics and history of Health Care in London
Brian Brown, M.A.
Interview with New Center Member Dorothy Vawter

 Volume 15, No. 4, Summer, 1993

Washington Update: Health Care Reform
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Balancing Politics and Philosophy in Health Care Reform
howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Literature in Review: Humility
Judith Andre, Ph.D.
Interview with New Center Member Dorothy Vawter

 Volume 15, No. 3, Spring, 1993

Health Care Methodology and the Disabled
Rodger L. Jackson, M.A.
Just Caring: Priority Setting Through Democratic Decision-making
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Further Commentary on “When Bioethicists Shouldn’t Testify in Court”
Daniel A. Bronstein, S.J.D.
Literature in Review: First, Do No Harm
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.

 Volume 15, No. 2, Winter, 1993

Pitfalls in hospital Ethics Policies
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
When Bioethicists Shouldn’t Testify in Court: A Case Study
Howard Brody, Ph.D.
Further Commentary on “When Bioethicists Shouldn’t Testify in Court”
Leonard Weber, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: African American Perspectives on Biomedical Ethics
Howard Brody, Ph.D.

 Volume 15, No. 1, Fall, 1992

Weariness and Hope: Reflections on the Candidates’ Health Proposals
Judith Andre, Ph.D.
The Political Economy of Justice and Efficiency in the U.S. Health System: Do Bush, Clinton or Perot Offer Any Remedies?
Andrew J. Hogan, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: Changing to National Health Care: Ethical and Policy Issues
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.

 Volume 14, No. 3, Spring, 1992

Re-examining the Elizabeth Bouvia Case
Howard Brody, Ph.D., M.D.
Some Handicapper Concerns With Conventional Medical Ethics
Eric and Judy Gentile
Just Caring: Health Care and the Disabled
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.

 Volume 14, No. 2, Winter, 1992

Swapping Stories: A Matter Of Ethics
Judith Andre, Ph.D.
Just Health Care Rationing: The Lottery
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Fiction as Historical Text: A Country Doctor and the History of Medicine
Harriet A. Squier, M.D.
An Interview With New Center Member Judith Andre

 Volume 14, No. 1, Fall, 1991

Medical Ethics in New Zealand
Howard Brody, Ph.D., M.D.
Emerging Bio-Ethics Programs of Norway
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Opportunities to Learn in England: History of Medicine and Medical Ethics in London
Brian Brown, M.A.
Literature in Review: Medical Education, Accreditation, and the Nation’s Health: Reflections of an Atypical Dean
Andrew D. Hunt

 Volume 13, No. 3, Spring, 1991

Dangerous Intersections: Law, Ethics, and HIV-Infected Health Care Workers
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Do the Right Thing
Marc Dedenbach, J.D.
MHR Interview with Center Associate Daniel Bronstein
Literature in Review: Demystifying The Law: An Introduction for Professionals
Rodger L. Jackson
Literature in Review: Deciding for Others: The Ethics of Surrogate Decision Making
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.

 Volume 13, No. 2, Winter, 1991

Pull Up a Chair
Douglas Brown, Ph.D.
Medical Neglect: Equality For All Children
William B. Weil, Jr., M.D.
Case Study: Christian Science, the Government and the Clash Over the Spiritual Healing of Children
First Commentary: Jennifer Walters, D. Min.
Second Commentary: Thomas Black
Third Commentary: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.

 Volume 13, No.1, Fall, 1990

Power: The Ethics Dog That Didn’t Bark
Howard Brody, Ph.D., M.D.
When “No problem is the Problem—Patterns of Trouble in a Clinical Experience
Brian Brown, M.A. and William Rittenburg, Ph.D.
Justice, Partiality, and the Doctor—Patient Relationship
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
A Very Short Story of Sickness
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Case Study: The Physician, the Family and the Consultants

 Volume 12, No.3, Spring, 1990

Forced Caesarians and Maternal-Fetal Rights
James L. Nelson
Case Study: Conceiving Children to Use for Tissue Transplantation
First Commentary: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Second Commentary: Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.

 Volume 12, No.2, Winter, 1990

Health Care for the Uninsured: The Michigan Approach
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Medical Care in Scandinavia
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.
Case Study-What to do with New Technology
First Commentary: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Second Commentary: Jim Nelson, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: The Misfortune of Others
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: What Kind of Life: Limits of Medical Progress
Jim Nelson, Ph.D.

 Volume 11, No.3, Spring, 1989

On the Teaching of Literature and Medicine
M. Teresa Tavormina
Case Study: Rationing at the Bedside
Commentary One: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Commentary Second: Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
MERN Meeting Shows Strength of Ethics
Howard Brody
HIV Testing: Inconsistencies in National Policy
Howard Brody

 Volume 11, No.2, Winter, 1989

Ethics of Treatment Refusal: Saying What We Mean in Court
Howard Brody
Transition from Program to Center
Howard Brody
Misunderstanding Death
Tom Tomlinson
HIV Testing: Inconsistencies in National Policy
Brian Brown

 Volume 11, No.1, Fall, 1988

Evaluating the Ethicist
Tom Tomlinson
Case Study
Commentary One: James Waun, M.D.
Commentary Two: Howard Brody
London ’88 The Best Ever!
Brian Brown and Peter Vinten-Johansen

 Volume 10, No. 3, Spring, 1988

Just Health Care Financing: The Canadian Model
Leonard Fleck
Case Study: Obstetrics, AIDS and Ethics
Deborah Mulrooney
First MERN Meeting a Success
Paul J. Reitmeier
MHP & MERN Announce Computer Bulletin Board
Tom Tomlinson
MHP & CON host Conference
Tom Tomlinson

 Volume 10, No. 2, Winter, 1988

Medical Humanities Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary Year
Literature Reviews
AIDS and the Law: A Guide for the Public
AIDS: Ethics and Public Policy
Michigan’s MERN to Meet

 Volume 10, No. 1, Fall, 1987

College of Arts and Letters Establishes Inter-disciplinary Programs in Health and Humanities
Peter Vinten-Johanson, Ph.D.
Debate: Will Hospital Executives be the Death of IECs?
Howard Brody
CASE STUDY: When the Team Members Disagree
Commentary One:Debra Mulrooney, BSN
Commentary Two: Michael Zaroukian, M.D.
Commentary Three: Howard brody, MHP
London Revisited!
Peter Vinten-Johanson, Ph.D.
MHP Faculty Involved in SHHV and MSMS Meetings
Paul J. Reitemeier

 Volume 9, No. 3, Spring, 1987

Medical Humanities at MSU: Ten years Together
P.J. Reitemeier
Commentary One: Barbara Brown, RN
Commentary Two: M.L. McLeod, RN
Ken Howe to Accept Position at University of Colorado
Howard Brody
Medical School Admissions: Some Rethinking Has Begun
Paul J. Reitemeier
Court Rulings on Rx Withdrawal Surprisingly Consensual
Howard Brody
Literature Review: Transfers to a Public hospital: A prospective Study of 467 Patients
Howard Brody
Literature Review: Transferring the Ethical Hot Potato
Howard Brody

 Volume 9, No. 2, Winter, 1987

The Merchandising of Medical Ethics
Benjamin Freedman, Ph.D.
Medical Humanities in London: The Second Time Around
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D. and Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Conference Summary
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Medicine in Literature Call for a Beginner’s Cookbook
Howard Brody
Literature Review: Coping with Entitlement in Medical Education
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Literature Review: Levels and Sources of Stress in Medical Education
Joseph Alfano
Literature Review: “Dear Doctor: A Personal Letter to a Physician”
Andrew D. Hunt, M.D.
Literature Review: “The End of Life: Euthanasia and Morality”
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Literature Review: “Ethical Issues: A Means for Generating Interest in Science”
Theodore Lopushinsky, Ph.D.

 Volume 9, No. 1, Fall, 1986

Michigan Establishes Nation’s First State-Wide Medical Ethics Resource Network
P.J. Reitemeier, M.A.
President of Society for Health and human Values Launches Distinguished Speakers Series
P.J. Reitemeier, M.A.
CASE STUDY: Medical Lies or Justifiable Deception?
Commentary One: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Commentary Two: Len Fleck, Ph.D.
Pricing Human Life: A Public Conversation
Len Fleck, Ph.D.
MHP Welcomes New Faculty and Staff
P.J. Reitemeier, M.A.
Medical Humanities in London A Success
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D. and Howard Brody. Ph.D.
MHP Involved at AAMC/SHHV Meetings
Literature Review: Shattuck Lecture-The Politics of Medicine in Britain and the United States
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Literature Review: The Doctor, The Patient, and Their Contract
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

 Volume 8, No. 3, Spring, 1986

MSU’s Medical Humanities Thematic Proposal Part II: The State of The Current Discussion
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.
CASE STUDY: Full Code, No Code or “Limited” Code?
Commentary One: Joe Alfano
Commentary Two: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D., MHP
A Medical Ethics Resource Network (MERN) in Michigan?
P.J. Reitemeier, M.A., MHP
The Michigan legislature’s “AIDS” Prevention Package
Ken Howe, Ph.D., MHP
Literature Review: the Humanities in Medical Education
Martin Benjamin, Ph.D.
Literature Review: Ethical Dilemmas in Caring for Patients with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Ken Howe, Ph.D., MHP
Literature Review: Counseling Patients to Counsel Physicians on Future Care iin the Event of Patient Incompetence
B. Miller, Ph.D.
The New “Living Will” bills introduced in Michigan
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

 Volume 8, No. 2, Winter, 1986

Research on Proxy Consent Begins
Alzheimer’s Nursing Hone Placement and Proxy Consent: A Case Report
MSU’s Medical Humanities Thematic Proposal Part I: A Historical Overview
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.
Literature Review: The Silent World of Doctor and Patient
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Defense of “The Right Kind of Paternalism”
AIDS Conference Draws National Figures: The Public, Ethical, and Psychosocial Aspects of AIDS

 Volume 8, No. 1, Fall, 1985

Medical Humanities Program Welcomes Visiting Professor
Justice, Rationing Health Care Resources, and HMO’s
Leonard Fleck, Ph.D.
Work Nearly Completed on Undergraduate Pre-Medical Thematic Curriculum
CASE STUDY: Health Care Advertising and Truth—telling
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Honors College/Arts & Letters
Medical Humanities Goes to England
Literature in Review: “AIDS: The Emerging Ethical Dilemmas”, The Hastings Center Report Special Supplement on AIDS
Ken Howe, Ph.D.

 Volume 7, No. 3, Spring, 1985

GPEP Report of the AAMC
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D., Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D., Ken Howe, Ph.D.
Case Conference: What Exactly Does “No Code” Mean?
Heart Implants and Human Guinea Pigs
Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Literature in Review: The Evaluation of Curricula in Medical Ethics in Schools of Medicine
Ken Howe, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: The Social Transformation of American Medicine
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.
Shortcuts to Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ethics Teaching
Peter Vinten-Johansen, Ph.D.

 Volume 7, No. 2, Winter, 1985

Ethical Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine
Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Case Study
Commentary One: Harold W. Tvedten, D.V.M.
Commentary Two: Richard Walshaw, B.V.M.S. and Sally O. Walshaw, V.M.D.
Commentary Three: Martin Benjamin, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: “Ethics and Animals: An Introduction to the Literature”

 Volume 7, No. 1, Fall, 1984

Ethics in the Core Curriculum Project: Summary and Conclusions
Ken Howe, M.A.
Case Study
Commentary One: Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
Commentary Two: D. Bronstein, J.D.
Commentary Three: B. Miller, Ph.D.
Literature in Review: The ‘Right’ Not to Know
Tom Tomlinson
Literature in Review: American College of Physicians Ethics Manual
Howard Brody
Literature in Review: Selective Non-treatment of handicapped Newborns
Howard Brody & D. Bronstein

 Volume 6, No. 3, Spring, 1984

Doctor Andrew D. Hunt Accepts New Position
Case Commentary
Susan Cope Ekstrom

 Volume 6, No. 2, Winter, 1984

Medical Ethics Case Conference: Ethical and Legal Issues in a Court Ordered Cesarean Section
Kalamazoo CHM Medical Ethics Conference
Shirley Bach
Teacher—Scholar Award for Dr. Brody
Medical/Nursing Ethics Journal Club Activities
The Medical Humanities Program in Grand Rapids

 Volume 6, No. 1, Fall, 1983

”Ethics in the Core Curriculum”: Year Two of the NEH Grant
Ethics in Veterinary Medicine
Susan Reardon
Art and Artists: Aging as a Human Value
MHP Visiting Professor Dr. Shirley Bach
MHP Visiting Medical Student
Medical Humanities Hour at the MSU Clinical Center
Medical History Activities for 1983-1984 (Or, what to do until Peter gets back)
Staff News and Activities
Literature and Medicine Conference

 Volume 5, No. 3, Spring 1983

Decision—Making in the Medical Context
Literature Review: Getting to Yes
Martin Benjamin, Ph.D.
Commentary: Physician Responsibilities to the Patient Opting for Home Birth A.M.A.
James E. Waun, M.D.
Research at the Hastings Center on Conflict, Compromise, and Integrity in Biomedical Ethics
Surrogate Mother Contracts
Tom Tomlinson
Medical History Brown-Bag Seminars
Ethical Issues in Veterinary Medicine
Staff News and Activities

 Volume 5, No. 2, Winter, 1983

Distinguished Staff Award Bestowed on MHP Associate Faculty Member
Brownbag Seminars on the History of Medicine
Conference on the Critically Ill and the Dying Patient
Case Conference: Balancing Treatment Decision Against Cost Containment
Mark Ensberg, M.D.

 Volume 5, No. 1, Fall, 1982

MHP Welcomes Andrew D. Hunt Back
Michigan State Medical Society Annual Scientific Meeting
College of Human Medicine Mini-Course on Medical Ethics
Ethics in Veterinary Medicine
Medical Education and the House of God
Sign of the Times—Out of the Closet for the Medical Humanities Program
Medical Humanities Program, 1982-1983 Directory
Humanities Seminar Addresses History of Doctor-Patient Relationship
Nuclear War: This Fall’s Big Issue on the Medical Ethics Circuit
Howard Brody, M.D.
NEH Grant: Medical Ethics and the Core Curriculum

 Volume 4, No. 3, Spring, 1982

John Stone, M.D., Physician-Poet, Guest Seminar Speaker
Issues of Privacy in Medicine
Wade L. Robinson
Response to Wade L. Robinson
Bruce L. Miller
Whatever Happened to Donald C.?
Lia Gaggino
MSU James Madison Student to do Summer Internship with MHP

 Volume 4, No. 2, Winter, 1982

Update on the NEH Grant
Medical Ethics Case Conference
Response One: Phillip L. Badra, M.D.
Response Two: John Machata, M.D.
Response Three: George V. Warren, M.D.

 Volume 4, No. 1, Fall, 1981

Update on Medical Humanities NEH Grant
Case Commentary: Resolving Disagreements among Medical Caregivers in a Life or Death Setting
Response One: Howard Brody, M.D.
Response Two: John Strandmark, M.D.
Response Three: Becky S. Mason, RN
Medical Humanities Program Directors Meet in Washington
NEH Ethics in Nursing Update

 Volume 3, No. 2, Spring, 1981

Medical Humanities Program Wins NEH Grant
Response to the Health Policy Crisis: The Health Policy Group
MSU to Host Seminar in Nursing Ethics
New Course: Literature and Medicine
An Undergraduate Thematic in Medical Humanities?
Case Commentary: The Treatment of Chronic Patient-Induced Disease
Response One: James Blake Thomas, M.D.
Response Two: Bruce M. Reinoehl, M.D.
Hunt’s Call for Fundamental Change Draws Response
Arnold Werner, M.D.
Medical Humanities Program Reflects on Past and Considers Future

 Volume 3, No. 1, Fall, 1980

A Fundamental Change Needed?
Andrew D. Hunt
Case Commentary: Playing Roulette with Meningitis
Response One: Marsha M. Rohrer, M.D.
Response Two: George V. Warren
Response Three: Sumer Verma, M.D.
When Respect for Technology and Respect for Patient Conflict

 Volume 2, No. 3, Spring, 1980

Surgeon/Author to Speak Here
Case Commentary: Mastectomy—Whose Decision?
Response One: Suzanne Uphaus, Ph.D.
Response Two: Tom Tomlinson, Ph.D.
Reading Room Dedication
Portrait Unveiling
Blood Transfusion Refusal: A reader Comments

 Volume 2, No. 1, Fall, 1979

Physicians’ Ethical Inquiry: A Day—to—Day Must
Case Commentary: “I Want the Pill but Don’t Want to Tell Mom and Dad”
Response One: Catherine Z. Elgin, Ph.D.
Response Two: Richard M. Czop, M.D.
April Symposium: The Question of Animal Awareness
In the Curricula: Ethical Inquiry as a Science
Medical Ethics Cases Sought

 Volume 1, No. 2, May, 1979

Nonsense Over In-Vitro
Animal Rights Advanced
Case Commentary
A Reader Responds
A Nurse’s Perspective
Continuing Education

 Volume 1, No. 1, March, 1979

The Program’s Purpose
The Pilot Grant Awarded
Case Commentary
Course on Aging Set