Summer Study Abroad: Medical Ethics and Health Policy in London

Big Ben photo
London, England

Summer 2018: July 7 - August 11

Instructor: Len Fleck, Professor in the Center for Ethics.


Please read through this slide presentation for more information on the course, living in London, and many other details.

Additional information on costs and traveling internationally is available on the website for the Office of Study Abroad.

Program Application


Course Content
  • How should health reform be done to both increase access and control health costs?
  • How do we best allocate our resources to provide just and efficient health care?
  • What social values should govern clinical and policy decisions related to genetics and reproduction?
  • Why and how have the U.S. and the U.K. dealt with these issues so differently?
  • How have science and technology altered the relationship between health care workers and the public over the past 40 years?


Undergraduate students enroll in HM 491 (6 credits); Medical students enroll in HM 591 (5 credits).

Eligibility requirements:
  • No course prerequisites
  • Open to all majors, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Non-MSU students welcome
  • Essay required
  • 2.5 minimum GPA


Living Arrangements

Students will be housed in flats controlled by ACCENT of London. Flats will generally house 3-4 students. Each flat has a complete kitchen with equipment needed to prepare meals. Each flat also has a living room and its own bathroom.