Bioethics, Humanities,
and Society Minor

College of Human Medicine

BHS Sign-Up

To add the BHS Minor, you must download and complete the BHS Student Record Form. Submit the completed form to the BHS Advisor by email to the address provided on the form. This PDF is best completed in Adobe Reader. Free download of Adobe Reader.

Form Download


This video above will show you how to fill out and submit the BHS student form. In order to be coded as a student in the minor, you must fill out this form completely and submit it electronically:

  1. Click the Form Download Button above to open the fill-in PDF form in your internet browser. As you can see, the form opens in a new browser tab. Down at the bottom of the screen, click the “save” icon, or right-click on the form and select "save as" from the menu. Save the form to your computer.
  2. Open the form in Adobe Reader. If you are using a Mac, the form may open in the application Preview. The form is best completed in Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download.
  3. Complete the form. All fields must be completed in order for your form to be accepted. When your form is completed, save the file. The form must be a fill-in PDF file in order for it to be accepted, because your data will be exported into the secure BHS student database. File formats other than PDF, such as JPG, will not be accepted.
  4. After saving your form, click the “submit via email” button. You will be prompted to select email client: choose desktop application or internet email. If you choose desktop application, an email will open in whatever email client you are using (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.). The email has a pre-filled subject, body, "to" field, and the form is attached.
  5. If you are not prompted to select an email client, attach the file manually in your email to bhs @
  6. You’re finished! Please be sure to save an electronic and/or paper copy of your form for your records. The BHS Advisor will contact you upon the successful receipt of your form. You will be enrolled in the program within a week of submitting your form.