Bioethics, Humanities,
and Society Minor

College of Human Medicine

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Monica List
Monica List
Undergraduate Adviser

C218 East Fee Hall
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BHS Advising Office

Fee Hall Aerial

The BHS advising office is within the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences; located on the 2nd floor of the C-wing in East Fee Hall, on Michigan State University's East Lansing campus.

*Please Note: The only access to the second floor of the C-wing is via stairway; there is no elevator access. Should you be unable to climb stairs, please contact us prior to your visit and other arrangements will be made.


East Fee Entrance
From the main East Fee entrance:

After entering the building, you will walk past the green student lounge area to your right, where you will see a door to a stairwell with a sign for the Center.


Center's Hallway


West Fee Entrance
From the main West Fee entrance:

After entering the building, go past the elevator lobby straight down the hall of D-wing, through a set of wooden double doors (which open to the E-wing).


Curved Hallway
Continue around the curved hallway until just before the next set of wooden double doors there will be a set of red doors to your left and a sign for the Center.


Stairs Flights to the Landing
Go up 1½ stair flights to the landing, where you will find the Center's entrance which opens to the lobby. Continue down the hall, and you will find the BHS office (C218) about halfway down the hall on your left with chairs on either side. Feel free to wait here if you arrive early and the adviser is with another student.