Bioethics, Humanities,
and Society Minor

College of Human Medicine

About BHS

Mission and Vision

The Bioethics, Humanities, and Society (BHS) Minor is a program for students interested in bioethical issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The mission of the Minor in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society is to cross the disciplinary boundaries that tend to produce the isolated cultures of scientists on the one hand and humanists and social scientists on the other. The program facilitates efforts to acknowledge and respond to the interdisciplinary nature of health and medicine, especially with respect to the humanities and social sciences.


The Minor supplements students’ academic major with an integrated series of upper-division courses. Enrollment in the Minor is available to all undergraduates, and participation by students from many disciplines is welcomed.

One of the major objectives of the Minor is to provide students with a systematic introduction to the vocabulary, intellectual principles, and literature of a variety of disciplines through courses that have a common theme of health and healing. BHS Minor courses are also likely to improve your problem-solving abilities and oral and written communication skills.

The BHS Minor also aims to provide students with experiences that allow them to bridge the gap between theory and practice in bioethics. The program offers opportunities to engage more closely with the practice of bioethics, for example through the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences (CEHLS) Bioethics Brownbag & Webinar Series. The BHS Minor also collaborates with the Undergraduate Bioethics Society, a Registered Student Organization that aims to create a scholarly community of undergraduate students with an interest in bioethics.

Minor or Specialization?

The BHS Specialization officially became the BHS Minor in Fall 2015. Students graduating with the BHS Specialization in and after Fall 2015 will have it transcripted as a minor. You can learn more about our transition to a minor here.

Minors are recorded on students’ final transcripts, but not on their diplomas. In this sense, we consider the BHS Minor a transcript-booster; a way of indicating to prospective employers or admission boards that your academic interests in medicine and health include more than an interest in the sciences.