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Monir Moniruzzaman

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Assistant Professor

Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

Department of Anthropology

(517) 355-0189
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PhD 2010 University of Toronto
MA 2003 University of Western Ontario
MA 1996 Jahangirnagar University
BA 1995 Jahangirnagar University

Curriculum Vitae
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Monir Moniruzzman's research explores the ethics of illegal organ bazaars, particularly the experiences of kidney sellers in Bangladesh. Is it right to purchase an organ, even if the organ sought provides longevity? Is the sale of one’s organ a justifiable means of fighting poverty? His research offers bioethics insights and broadens human rights’ debates by exposing how technological advancement, structural violence, and grinding poverty intersect in the violation of justice for the poor, turning them into “living cadavers.” Part of his work has been transformed into a successful art installation piece, which was exhibited in a Toronto art gallery. His current research interests include organ commodification, new biomedical technology, bioethics, medical tourism, and post-tsunami health in Thailand.

Selected Publications



"Living Cadavers" in Bangladesh: Bioviolence in the Human Organ Bazaar. Medical Anthropology Quarterly. 2012; 26(1): 69-91.

The Ripples Changed Our Lives: Health in Post-Tsunami Thailand. Disaster Prevention and Management. 2010; 19(3): 333-44.

Distance Fieldwork in Anthropology. Explorations in Anthropology. 2008; 8(1): 18-28.

Underground Fieldwork with 33 Kidney Sellers in Bangladesh: Issues of Access and Methods. In: Cohen JC, Seaton B, eds. Comparative Program on Health and Society Working Paper Series 2006–2007. Toronto: Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto; 2007; 83-108.

Moving Human and Non-Human Body Parts: A Review of the History of Organ and Tissue Transplant. The Eastern Anthropologists. 2006; 59(2): 179-193


Selected Achievements and Awards

CIHR Strategic Fellowship at the Health Care Technology and Place Collaborative, U of Toronto

CPHS Doctoral Fellowship, MUNK Center for International Studies at University of Toronto

Rough Cut: An Interactive Media Art Installation Project, 2007 Subtle Technologies Symposium